Where Time And Place Collide

Washed away eyes, and vacant minds pace a distant shore, waiting for fortunes to change. Time seems to have a way of taking our lives away from us, before we’ve had chance to live. But not today. Although my clock reads 15:18, I know that I’m already late. Countless opportunities have been and gone, far more than I care to remember or recount. They say that a brush with death heightens the senses; maybe I should take more risks, live a little while I still can.

It’s in my dreams that I come face to face with the coldness and finality of death, like a room long forgotten, silence and time roam free. I don’t have all the answers, and just like everyone else I’m struggling to keep afloat and make some sense of this incomprehensible world. I do know that your unquestioning eyes and sincere smile make everything ok in that moment, like medicine for the soul.

Did I ever tell you that I’m in love with you? I wish I could, and we could run away far and free, to somewhere we played when we were young. Words serve no purpose, as swings motion back and forth fleetingly. Speaking seems so unnecessary, so we just sit and live for the moment, reading each others eyes like Shakespeare’s sonnets. Why can life not be like this forever-more? To live in the gap where time and place collide. I guess I just need to share the feeling of empathy. To let go to such a point where we cease to exist as individuals and become just pure experience. Did I tell you I love you?

(April 2008)