Site Updates

Hello, esteemed traveller, you’ve reached the change log for this site…
You will find content updates below, I’ve excluded minor corrections for simplicity.


Change Log

v3.0 – Refreshed site, launched 2015

v2.0 – First launched site for, launched 2009 and ran until 2014

v1.0 – The original incarnation of my art blog launched in 2004 and was located @ It was a meeting place in the early days of the web, including a live chat section for friends and visitors to converse. If that was you, say hi!


Selected Artwork from Previous Site Designs

Banner from 2009 era site.

Banner from 2006 era site

Original deadrebel homepage, featured lyrics from Dashboard Confessional and Marilyn Manson.

Quotation from Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse, with added ‘forever’ highlight.

Original animated deadrebel logo, alternates between ‘deadrebel’ & ‘believe’ messages.