Fate, Dreams & Imagination
It Becomes You

Hi there intrepid internet traveller!
You’ve reached my art site, which features my artwork, photography and writing. Welcome 🙂

I’ve been creating various forms of artwork ever since I can remember, but it wasn’t until 1999 when I started painting in a traditional sense, and around 2003 when I began writing. I’ve had various websites during that time, all created with the intention of providing a space to share my creative works with others.

My artwork is focused on the core themes of human experience; including Identity, which was the focus of my Masters Degree in Fine Art. You will find a page dedicated to Identity & Art here

Hesse has been very influential in my work, especially Siddhartha and Steppenwolf, along with the poetry of T.S Eliot, specifically ‘The Waste Land’. In terms of visual art influences, Bacon, Picasso, Helnwein, Mendieta & Kahlo have captivated my imagination and are certainly influences to my work.