An Exploration of Identity through Art: (Identity In Art)

Identity Mind Map By River Hunt

Text of my Identity Mind Map above:

Mind Map (top to bottom):  Timeline, Past, Present, Future, Birth, Death, Memories, Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic,  Olfactory, Influences, Experience, Photo’s, Video, Wisdom, Skills, Resources, Learning, Books, Media, Events, Exhibitions, Appearance, Image, Internal, External, Aura, Personality, Actions, Awareness, Consciousness, 7+-2,  Identity, Logical, Frame, Perceptual Frame, Context, Frame of Reference, Creativity, Tangibles, Artwork, Painting, Drawings, Writing, Exploration (NESW), Believe, Patterns (paretnst 12653784), Fibonacci, Unconscious, 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,35,89,144,233,377,610,987,1597,2584, Mind, The Unknown, The Soul, 3.142, Potential, Imagination, Logical, Dreams, Collective, Intuition, Direction, Needs, Hopes, Expectations, Altered Awareness.

The River Hunt ‘Identity Series’ Artwork

This mind map represents the beginning of my ‘Identity Series’ of artworks. You will find these listed below along with links. They are dated between 2006 and 2007.

My Life In Post-it Notes (2006)
My Life In Post-it Notes Animation (digital art/
Post-it Note Commentary (art essay)
My Life In Post-it Notes Artwork (visual art)

DNA (2006), digital art/

Creativity (2006), digital art

T.S Eliot Quote, An Exploration Of Identity (2007), mixed media

Identity Wall Series (2007), digital art/
Note: These works may take a few seconds to load.
Identity Wall 2 (size 180k)
Identity Wall 3 (size 480k)
Identity Wall 4 (size 890k)
Identity Wall 5 (size 990k)
Identity Wall 6 (size 1.7mb)

Identity Infinity Series (2007)
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Identity Infinity

Identity Mind Field (2011)
Identity Mind Field

Supporting Text
The Reductionist (2006)
Thoughts On Identity In Art (2011)

Supporting Quotes & Prose

Clouds suspended in an expanse of blue emptiness, paradoxically positioned like photographs of a perfect sky. I wondered whether I would ever understand what it was I never understood, but now that I think about it I think I finally understand. (River Hunt, 2006)

People assume that identity is a fixed ideal, that it’s somehow solidified in mind, if not in reality. The truth is very different. I am an artist, I create questions from line and colour, and fight on the battlefield of my own mind, and ultimately the collective unconscious. My identity is not that of an artist, but of something more abstract, more intangible. life is theatre, and art is the stage. Imagination was never a choice, it’s as fundamental as the inevitability of my death.  (River Hunt, 2006)

We cut ourselves out of cardboard so many times that the scissors become blunt. For me,  Celebritarianism is a concept, a direction, like DaDa and Surrealism, it’s something in which creativity and imagination are fundamental and valued above all else. It’s about believing in yourself and your ability to change the world with the things that you create, it’s time to kick down every remaining door, and walk free. (River Hunt, 2006)

I wanted to reassess Identity and engage with related issues such as ‘Memory’ and ‘Consciousness’ in a darker more extreme way. My latest studio work is concerned with ‘Human Potentials’, which is something I’ve been researching a great deal, and indeed forms the subject of my latest site modelhuman which looks at personal development technologies to effect positive change in our lives, and ultimately our own identities.

With unlimited time, resources and energy what would be possible, or more importantly what would we choose to do?

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