Four weeks had passed with no hint of reconciliation or compromise, rainbow smiles turned overcast, as the last laugh if the laughter echoed on. We stood their absolutely alone in a state of unmistakable contemplation as rain washed away happier memories, just as we needed them the most. I’ll never forget that look of utter desperation embedded deep within your eyes. feelings of separation as my heart seemed to sink further into a dark ocean, improbably magnetised, irrevocably sensitised. Perhaps days had passed but time stood frozen, locked safely inside our sacred red box of memories. Raindrops hung suspended, as photographs faded past like a valentines slide-show stuck on repeat. I watched on as visual integration with a touch of delicate imagination flickered inscribed keys inside my mind. Without thought or hesitation, yet unconsciously understated, I uttered softly the most perfect of words, an instantaneous verbalisation laced with sincerity and undeniable empathy. The movie played on, as tear-drops fell onto your warm shoulder, a bond to remain forever unbroken, a bond to withstand the savages of time.

(Feb 2005)