Turquoise Skies

I dream of perfect turquoise skies and green lollipop stick trees, swaying gently without reason or rhyme. The air is warm and welcoming, as English garden birds chirp enchanting songs. A dream it may be, but I live through my dreams, fleeting images that shimmer with hope and salvation, an escape from my cube.
It may sound like folly to suggest such an existence, yet I find solace in the world of my mind, perfect blue buildings and castles made of sand. Age is irrelevant in this land, as there are no mirrors to shatter or imprison our souls. We laugh, we cry, we kiss and die, yet we are reborn every single moment anew. Life here is more than I could ever describe, it’s a feeling of contentment, sprinkled with petals of desire. Memory comes and goes as do the tides, the one constant being the permanent warmth of love.

“Love for nature, love for life, and love for whomever you call your wife. Someone once said that love was forever, here in this garden, love is the weather.”

I hope that you someday find your way here, as the molten cheese sunset merges into night. I’ve been to many places in my life; I’ve experienced darkness, despair and fright. Stars suspended in celebrity skies, broken hearts and inconsolable pain. This journey is neither north, south, east nor west, it can’t be found on any of your maps. Close your eyes and allow the light to pass, experience nothingness till your last breathe. I live in a place of dreams, with candy-floss snow and Disneyland themes. Entry is not based on the person you’ve been, but your ability to conjure creative scenes.