The Day we Missed the Train (Revisited)

Waited hours slipped by without trace,
no remembrance, only a stillness in time.
Agreements, sealed with love,
doors, static and unknowing.

I’d never experienced solitude like I did that day,
like a flower separated from its stem, I lay dying.
A death to amuse strangers, and occupy spaces.
They say, When things slow to a point, the world itself stops spinning.

Oh what I’d have given, to know,
to comprehend, to erase that feeling of dread.
Moments merged with lifetimes, past, present and future,
looped together, raw and dragged through the pit of emotion.

To say that breath is automatic, is a simplification,
it became all consuming, the frenetic beating overpowering.
This would be an end to all we had dreamed,
an end that leads back to where we once began.
Our love forever forged, on the day we missed the train.

(April 2008)