A Falling Through

A Falling Through (2009)

Dust does settle upon weary hearts
From birth to death again we start
Fade to black and back to white
Drown in sorrow this day I might!

Echoes of a love so true
Nature’s child framed in blue
Even shadows mourn their loss
Stillness of a heart that’s crossed.

Fate had played its hand so cruel
Through the eyes of a dying fool?
Broken wing but you still soar
In my dreams forever more.

Oh how I yearn for your old song
Hope’s brave anthem, despite our wrongs,
Now in silence you are laid to rest
May this earth be your final nest.

And so we hold hands and pray
As petals fall where you lay
Freedom once danced in you
Now we wander lost, it’s true.

Sleep in peace now you’ve left
For this circle celebrates life, not death!
And know I’ve learned this from you,
Life is but a falling through.