Rainbow Sliced Skies

Yet tear-drops fell, as rainbow sliced skies arch over sullen seas, a startling contradiction laced with no hint of compromise. The sun hides inconspicuously lighting the eastern shore with the faintest glow, as the moon and stars retreat leaving empty holes in a patchwork sky, stitched with colour yet somehow lost under it’s own perfect spell. Shoelace clouds ushered one another in, a theatrical performance unrehearsed despite its magical show. Hand in hand, we walked sand-dunned shores, watched intently by oil-skimmed tides that whispered the softest murmur, foretelling our fate. I had dreamt this scene so many times, yet surreality shrouded every step in a weighted unpredictability, like prey in the unrelenting shadow of a predator unseen. The noise by now rang out unmistakably, like the living, desperately seeking salvation from a lovingly nailed coffin, life itself being unceremoniously dragged out of an unwilling participant. Despite the horrific screams, we walked on, towards what- we could not be sure, but with each step- further away from the things we had come to know only to well.

(November 2004)