My Eden

What does it mean to live this life. To reach out and feel nothing but pain, offset occasionally with despairing moments of hope. I am not perfect. In a world that throws you away at every opportunity, it can’t fail to isolate you from your dreams. If fate can guide me to happier days, I entrust my life to the ocean’s waves, may they bring me ashore devoid of pain and numb to the hollow selfishness apparent in the consumer driven robots inhabiting this planet. As I reach the golden sands, my eyes open to view a glorious image of life, and then it occurs to me that I am already dead, my life washed away in dreams I never realised. What is it like to love, to feel, to breathe pure air, not polluted by the hate of this world. I’ll never know, you are my Eden and we died holding hands.

(November 2003)