Living Amongst Dreams

Summers Sun soaks into my soul, like the sand beneath well travelled feet. August has never passed so quickly, yet it leaves behind a warmth in every memory touched. Day dreams laced with sincerity and colours so sublime, fragments of everything that has ever been and past. I see blue and gold, shapes that transform the moment consciousness reaches them. A certain feeling of connectedness with spirit, with hope.

Moments fade to be replaced by forms dancing freely around this surrealist place. I wonder what will become of such things as day passes graciously into night. But those concepts of time soon slide away, merging and becoming the rhythmic sound of the shore. Somewhere between the ebbing and flowing of the sea, a secret exists. A secret revealed in the wind, the rain and every ray of sun. They say that understanding can be found in even the smallest grain of sand, the universe manifest as pure potentiality. Blues turn to white, and I realise I’m neither asleep nor awake, instead I drift beyond conscious thought and live amongst dreams.

(29th August 2009)

Note: Living Amongst Dreams is a textual preview of my forthcoming visual art series ‘The Colours of Summer’ (working title), due to be exhibited in October 2009.