From Birth to Death and Everything After

We are all here for a specific reason. We must find out what that is, before it’s too late.
What would you do if you only had 1 minute to live?

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Isn’t is strange how you can daydream and travel the world in the time it takes for your eyes to blink. Have you ever wondered if you actually have more influence over the world around you than you’ve been conditioned to believe?

If you stare at something with enough concentration can you make it move, if only by a fraction?

What if we really do possess these abilities that we’ve stumbled upon from time to time but discounted as mere coincidence or luck? What if these abilities are hidden from us by ourselves?

Are we ready to handle the truth about humanities devolution?

What if we once had these abilities, but nature worked tirelessly to stop us from discovering them. What if these abilities would ultimately lead to our own destruction.

If you could see into the future, and saw your own death minutes previous. Would you really be saved?

What if the only thing stopping us discovering the true scope of our innate abilities was our belief?

What if we had one moment to change the destiny of every thing and everyone we knew and loved?

How do you share a belief that sounds crazy?

If you had but one moment to decide the fate of others, would you fall along side them?

Time is the one thing we all have in common. It moves forward unrelenting, unapologetically, and unstoppable. We are swept away by it, immersed in it, defined by it. Our experience of it is fluid, sometimes quicker than others, sometimes slowly like a snail, frame by frame, a moment that changes our lives. In the end, all of this subjective perception does nothing to alter the fact that we have grown older. We look on, hoping that the wave of time brings us new hope and new beginnings.

A moment is defined as a section of time that relates to a specific event or occurrence. Life, on reflection, is remembered as a series of moments held loosely together on a timeline.

How can we evolve, if evolution is ultimately our demise?

Stop. Time ticks on, but we pause, motionless in thought. Start. We catch back up with the world, spinning, moving, interacting. Stop. We ponder an image frozen like ice in our minds. We are no longer part of the world, but in some other space. The space of dreams. Start. the image is shattered by a unexpected conversation, and we are dragged up to speed, the world never ceases to murmur, yet we can take leave of it although few choose to do so. Gravity keeps us grounded, time keeps us chasing. What if we no longer chased cars? If we stopped to think not about the past or endless futures, but of the present. Of everything that has ever been or ever will be, simultaneously and without effort. Would death be of concern?

Transition.. the movie plays on but we are left startled. Awakened unceremoniously from the deepest of sleep. Imagine if we let go. If just for a moment, we fell without looking downwards. Without consequence or fear, without rational thought or analytical posturing. We fell, but without even a thought of the ground below, or what might be. What is it to fall without jumping?

Stop. From birth to death and everything after, we take to our throne at the centre of the universe. Discontented and rushed for all of our days. Stop. This is not an end.

(November 2007)