Clocks That Stop

Hello, hello, hello-

Fifteen feet, is all it takes,
For my heart to miss a beat-

Everyday, you look my way,
A secret, that we must keep-

It’s cold inside, this absent block,
A key that fits your perfect lock.

And I wonder if our dreams collide-
If we live, a life trapped, inside-
This heart-shaped box, you made for me-
Out of hello, goodbye and nice to see-

You will, be mine, in time-
You will, be mine, in time-
In time… In time… In time-

And when, our clocks, will stop-
We’ll be, forever, locked-
We’ll be, forever, locked-

But for now, I’ll just say goodbye-
And you’ll smile, the sweetest smile..


(August 2008)