As You Are

It’s thirteen thirty four in the afternoon, and you’ve left me all alone, in a building where the walls hide secrets that lie inside.

There’s a difference in the air, or in your hair, but I guess it doesn’t matter, when you’re floating on your cloud, looking down, at everything you’ve ever loved and lost.

It’s true that you should be my queen, but instead you choose not to dream, don’t you know that time will only drain you grey.

If I offered you my hand, and took a walk along the sand, do you think that if I held you, we could go back to being friends.

All the things that went unsaid, and the thoughts inside your head, the first time, I looked deep into your eyes.

And maybe this is fate and something we can’t change, but I’ll tear down time and space, for just as long as it takes to see you face, and tell you that I love you as you are.

(January 2009)