Stronger, together


River Hunt (2020)

And we stand together,
A stasis of this modern life.
The ruin and despair,
the loss and isolation,
death’s invisible hand.
We mourn their passing.

Yet hearts beat on-
with uncertainty,
sometimes with fear,
but always in hope.
A symphony, beyond border,
uniting in purpose,
recalibrating in need.
A syncronicity of brave endevour.

And we say thanks-
with each blessed breath,
for those that toil,
to care for us,
to save us,
to sprinkle humanity
in the darkest of shadows,
so that we may rise up,
stonger, together.

And we shall not rest,
until our support resonates
through every divide,
until our ingenuity
propels us to succeed,
until brilliant light
fills every heart,
in rainbows.

stronger, together rainbow

River Hunt - Untitled (2010)
River Hunt – Untitled (2010)