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My Life In Post-it Notes (April-October 2009)

‘My Life In Post-it Notes’ started as a relatively small series back in 2006, as part of  a wider ‘Identity...

Cyril Helnwein Interview

Cyril Helnwein Interview

Introduction: This Interview between River Hunt and Cyril Helnwein, took place on the 18th September 2009, and forms part of...

Living Amongst Dreams

Living Amongst Dreams

Summers Sun soaks into my soul, like the sand beneath well travelled feet. August has never passed so quickly, yet...

Without Beginning, Without End

Without Beginning, Without End

In a town where the words just don’t feel the same, I think of dying. White turns to black and...


Peace 2009, Watercolour on Canvas

The Winter Of Discontent

The Winter Of Discontent 2008, Acrylic on Canvas

Two Animals

Two Animals 2007, Acrylic on Tile


Stalkers 2003, 21″ x 34″ acrylic on board


Untitled 2006, Watercolour on Board

Figures In The Wood

Figures In The Wood 2006, Pastel on Board

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